Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dinos! On a bike!

Today I have more fun things to show that the postman brought to me. It's dino buttons! Dinos on bikes!

As soon as I laid eyes on the cute little dino on Narchi's blog, I was in love. You may have guessed that I'm a dinosaur fan from previous dino posts on this blog, not to mention the amount of dinos in my shop. And really, can a dino get any cuter than this? So, you can imagine I got all giddy about a week ago when she told me I'd won three of these pins in her blog contest!

I have good news, for you too can get one (or several) of these fun pinback buttons for yourself from Narchi's Etsy shop. There are other dino-themed items available, such as stuffed dinosaurs for a good cause, but also many other designs. Go take a look, you won't be disappointed!


narchi said...

Glad you enjoyed the buttons!

Brandi said...

those buttons are just plain cute.

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