Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh yeah, Father's Day!

I went out today, in the cold and the dark and the damp, braving the misty rain in order to get bread and milk. Once outside, I realized this is the really annoying kind of rain that's gets in your face regardless of how you hold your umbrella and will leave you feeling cold, moist and icky no matter what. It's barely enough to be called "rain", yet every piece of clothing you're wearing will be in need of drying once you get back. It's truly some sort of devious miracle of nature.

Once I got to the shop I found it was closed. They are all closed, because it's Father's Day here in Finland. No choice but to trundle back in the same cold and dark and damp that I had to endure on the way out, with no milk and no bread. Pity me.

But as they say, every (irritating rain) cloud has a silver lining. I now know that it's Father's Day and can wish my Dad a happy one on the day, instead of the usual one week later. (I'm pretty good with birthdays, honest. It's these random holidays that seem to try their hardest to sneak past me unnoticed and then turn around and laugh at me from the safe distance of a week ago. Unless they can lure me out to get soaked, of course. Grr.)

So, happy Father's Day, pappa! I probably neglect to tell you this in person, but I'm always telling people about how much fun my brother and I had when we were kids, playing with the treehouses, slingshots and other nifty things you made for us when we were little, and about the homemade bread and other yummy things you made and still make in the kitchen. Thanks! \o/ I'll make one of these below for you the next time we're in the same city.


Hey Harriet said...

It's funny how Father's Day is celebrated at different times of the year throughout the world. Here in Australia we had Father's Day in September. Well it sure looks like your dad has something yummy to look forward to for next time you meet up!

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

in the US it's in June, haha! That bread looks yummy!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Oh, I don't enjoy the cold and rain. But, you are right, you got to remember some great times with your father - how wonderful is that:):) And the bread looks delicious:)

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