Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Wooden Wonders

I tried woodworking when I was back in school. While I did mostly enjoy it, there seemed to be an alarming number of injuries involved in making an item and the beauty of what I made was, um, questionable. At least my items have proved long-lasting in every day use - a piggy-shaped cutting board and a knife holder I made some 15-20 years ago still "decorate" my parents' kitchen. The scars I got while making them have proved long-lasting too.

These reasons should explain why I have great respect for those who can create beautiful things from wood. I will show off some of my favourites this week, but I suspect this theme will will return on a later date because there's just so many I'd like to share with you.

Oh my, oh my. Dark, chocolatey brown wood and circles of all sizes. It seems garnish(home) knows just what I like. This circles wood pendant made from recycled wood is just one of many delicious designs available.
($37, garnishhome.etsy.com)

Now, how about this box called Diane. There's not a straight line in sight and I just love it! Check out Jim Jenkins' shop for more lovely curves.
($265, jimjenkins510.etsy.com)

I think it has been established that I am a fan of curvy and wavy lines, but if there's anyone still in doubt this last find should prove it once and for all. I give to you a zebrawood bangle by In-bloom Designs. Look at that shape combined with the stripes of the wood. Mmm!
($32, inbloomdesigns.etsy.com)


Kreativlink said...

WOW! I hearted Jenkins shop right away. What original work!

glasfaden said...

I loved to work with with wood rather then sewing at school, but never do it again ever since. Great finds, Morrgan! I think, I've seen Jim's shop, as he was featured and felt in love with his drawers immediately (wish, I had enough money...).

manamoon said...

Love your selections and understand completely why you stick to fiber arts. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. All the best ~Sharon

ArtMind said...

I would love to know how to work with wood. I think I would sculpt a feeling... :)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

These are quite lovely. I am always amazed by hand carved wood items. I have a set of hand carved napkin ring holders that I only display...I love them too much to take a chance on someone breaking one. HAHA!!

Meekiyu said...

wow those are some fantastic finds... I really love the holes one and the drawer is simply mind boggling!

picciolo said...

hi, thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog, I've enjoyed reading your blog

: )

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