Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Finds: Snowstorms

A few days ago I had to go grocery shopping in the winter's first minor snowstorm. I haven't had that much fun in a looooong time! Mr Morrgan and I were laughing every time a gust of wind tried to blow us away and we enjoyed the sight of whirling winds playing with the snow. This childish glee is reserved for the first snowstorm of the year only, for I'm sure we'll be sick of them once the winter is over. But after a hopefully sunny summer to come, once next year's autumn nears its end, we'll again be looking forward to the first snowstorm of the season...

Shameless promotion alert! Once we got back home I looked like a snowman and was cold all over, except for my head. Why? Because I was wearing a hat like this one. It's my favourite winter hat and now I can say it's minor snowstorm-proof as well! (Red & black and dark brown & black coming soon to the shop.)

Ok, on with the finds! As you may have guessed (or more likely, read from the title), this week's theme is snowstorms.

Is this fiber batt called 'Moonlit Snow' not a thing of beauty? Yes, it gives a more peaceful snow-on-the-ground-only vibe, but just look at how soft it looks! I couldn't resist showing it to you. I know we don't have space for me to start another hobby, but this one reeeeally makes me want to learn how to spin. You can find this one and many more at Terra Bella Spun.
($18.75, TerraBellaSpun.etsy.com)

Let's say you're in a snowstorm, either enjoying it (like us weirdos) or wanting to get indoors as soon as possible. What would make the situation better? A friend to share the joy/suffering with, of course! I imagine this fat polar bear by sweetestpea would certainly know what to do in a blizzard.
($37, sweetestpea.etsy.com)

Don't get snow or snowstorms where you come from? Here's a handy-dandy Morrgan-approved tip: create your own! Get a set or two of these snowflake cardstock punches, available at Carolina Craftin', and just toss them in the air! Insta-blizzard without the cold!
(You're right, I haven't grown up yet. I don't want to either, this is more fun.)
($1.50, angellgrl17.etsy.com)


missknits said...

love all these! and doesn't sweetest pea make the cutest creatures!!

Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

aw, my heart pines for that polar bear!!!

ArtMind said...

I would love to know how to spin. I love snow too as long as I don't have to drive. :)

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